Mission and Vision


Tvornica ulja Čepin d.d. is a corporation with years of experience in producing edible sunflower oil and vegetable oil as well as sunflower and rape cake. With its permanent business and quality improvement the factory makes a significant contribution to create greater value for the customers as well as for the improvement of its own image. 

Our mission is having satisfied customer – customer that has trust in our excellent oils.



To become a leading food processing company on the oilseeds market; with focus on product quality, customers, employees and social community. Implementing marketing strategy with focus on market research, and analyzing customer needs with professional and motivated employees the brand regeneration and empowerment will be constantly encouraged.

Business philosophy:
    •  achieving growth of property value for the owner, interested investors and potential business partners
    •  business fair play and our relationship to buyers and cooperators
    •  we appreciate our business partners, cooperators and buyers, we treat them with great respect and take their best interests into consideration
    •  business development may be achieved only by serious approach of each individual to each task providing high quality and intensive work 
    •  meeting buyer/customer needs and expectations regarding tasty food, and create their trust and permanent attachment toward our products 
    •  market orientation and willingness to adapt to buyer wishes
    •  recognizable brand
    •  to appreciate employees needs, interests and competencies by developing reward and promotion system
    •  we are open for communication with all interested persons and companies
    •  we believe that making progress in business is about fair relationship with partners and cooperators
    •  we are always ready to learn and to improve our knowledge regarding our business activities
    •  investing in quality, informatization, technology and marketing